We provide full EPC «turn-key» solutionfor Solar Power utility-scaleand Rooftop installations.

Our international team of specialistshas gained unique solar projects experiencebeing involved in project execution in Europe and CIS.


The 11.4 MWp PV Project was Completed in Chechevichy, Mogilev region, in Belarus

Solar Modules Installed are 43 186. Project Execution Term is 70 days only



RODINA EG Has Completed 1 MWp PV Project in Talin, Aragatsotn region, in Armenia

Solar Modules Installed are 3 696. Project Execution Term is 20 days only



The 16.5 MWp PV Project in Yel’sk, Gomel region, in Belarus was Completed

Solar Modules Installed are 61 776. Project Execution Term is 90 days only