Renewable Energy Consulting

We are consulting corporations, investors, local authorities, banks and other renewable energy industry stakeholders on successful execution of renewable projects in the markets of Eastern Europe and CIS. We deliver the technical and business consulting services supported by our experience and execution capabilities. We customise existing renewable technologies to our clients’ requirements, helping them to meet their near- and long-term objectives for renewable energy.

We help clients create value from renewable energy technologies and businesses by:

  • determining a realistic outlook for renewable energy technology performance, markets, competitors, and government roles
  • developing strategies for entering markets, attracting investors or partners, or exiting the business
  • implementing successful renewable energy projects
  • conducting technology and market due diligence

Our renewable energy solutions include:


  • Market, geographic and partner prioritization
  • Business model development and analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Solar, Wind and Hybrid solutions market research reports and market analysis
  • Key relationship introductions


  • Business plan/technology due diligence
  • Incentive application support
  • Policy support and analysis


  • Independent engineer support and red flag project review
  • Grid analysis and Feasibility Study
  • End-to-end procurement support


  • Solar and Wind generation performance benchmarking
  • Business planning
  • Asset optimization