RODINA is specializing in engineering, construction and O&M of large scale PV and Commercial Roof Solar Power Plants in emerging markets.

We are the Team of professionals in Solar Energy Projects utilizing unique practical experience in the development and construction of Solar Power Plants in Central and Eastern Europe, ex-USSR and MENA Region; we posses all licenses and certificates required for successful and best practices green energy projects execution.


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Solar Modules Installed are 306 208. Services Delivered in December 2018

Solar Modules Installed are 34 430. Services Delivered in July 2018

Modules Installed are 17 248. Services Delivered in May 2018


In 2013 the Solar Consortium of RODINA and ENERPARC AG was created, and in the summer of 2015 we launched «SOLAR CHERNOBYL»

«SOLAR CHERNOBYL» is a project of Corporate Responsibility of our Consortium. Our goal is – execution of Renewable Energy Projects in Chernobyl Zone, suffered from the disaster.

We believe that Chernobyl is the best territory to promote the Clean World and Green Energy Philosophy. By executing our projects there we are to bring back the territories to the humans, and make a world a bit cleaner and better. Вringing investments there we proof that transparent renewable energy business is possible in Ukraine.

In January 2018 «RODINA — ENERPARC AG» has completed construction of the 1st in the history pilot PV installation in the Chernobyl Zone named «SOLAR CHERNOBYL – 1».

By April 2018 it is the only private investments in Chernobyl since 1986