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RODINA O&M is part of the RODINA group of companies and provides of Operation & Maintenance services to renewable energy assets with over 150 MWp of assets under contract. Our dedicated team of more than 100 specialists for fast response and resolution means that RODINA O&M delivers the highest quality service to ensure assets deliver the greatest optimized value.

In terms of maintenance, the company offers an extensive scope of both planned and reactive services that can be customized to meet customer requirements. These are not limited to:

  • Monthly test and inspection visits
  • Monthly and annual operation reporting
  • Ground maintenance and land management
  • Event notifications
  • 24/7 fault detection
  • 24/7 security control including call-out
  • HV systems and equipment maintenance including call-out
  • Panel cleaning
  • Thermographic diagnostic surveying
  • Real time access to system monitoring
  • Security
  • Warranty Management
  • Spare parts stock control
  • Reactive maintenance

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01. Monitoring & Control

Your PV power plant will be continuously 24/7 monitored by our professional monitoring & control center team. This allows for timely detection of disruptions and errors, and immediately takes countermeasures. Consequently, your energy yield will be optimized as down times are minimized.


02. Information & Reporting

We provide monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports including deviation analysis and maintenance protocols. We also provide our Clients with access to a personal account on our website that provides you with all necessary information to closely follow the performance of your PV power plants. Our plant managers are always in touch and ready to answer any of your questions.


03. Inspection & Preventive Maintenance

Electrical equipment needs to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. We make sure that all requirements are met and act as your responsible operator, resulting in errors and downtimes can be reduced. Thus, we reduce your operating expenditure and optimize your earnings, as continuous preventive actions are more efficient than costly removal of errors and corrective maintenance.

04. Corrective Maintenance

In case of errors or downtimes, our service team remains at your disposal. We grant you quick reaction times in order to minimize downtimes and maximize your earnings.


05. Performance Optimization & Safety

We optimize the performance of your power plants via additional measures specifically targeted to your requirements. We are ready to clean the modules, greenkeeping, repair of force majeure or vandalism defects. Our service team allows for a continuously high-energy yield of your power plant.


06. Management of Interfaces

PV power plant operation requires the management of interfaces with many stakeholders. Thus, we support your negotiations with the property owners, grid operators, insurance companies, EPC, component manufacturers, etc.


01. Technical Controlling

  • Site visits, reports and documentation
  • Performance deviation analysis (actual-plan/actual-actual)
  • Update of budget figures based on historic performance
  • Evaluation and coordination of improvement measures


02. Monitoring & Reporting

  • Ongoing power plant surveillance on the basis of special monitoring software and monitoring & control center unit
  • Continuous reporting of major performance KPIs, incidents and measures taken


03. Coordination and Supervision of O&M- and Other Third Party Service Providers

  • Support of the power plant owner in finding and choosing appropriate O&M providers
  • Coordination and support of services which are not covered by O&M contracts
  • Verification and analysis of O&M services according to contractual obligations (such as scope of services, service quality, and reaction times)


01. PV Power Plant Inspections

  • Inspections and E-Checks of PV power plants according to specific regulations
  • Technical reports and expert opinions such as yield studies, insurance surveys, technical due diligence reports, etc.


02. Owners & Lenders Engineering

  • Evaluation of power plant configurations
  • Construction supervision and technical acceptance of PV power plants
  • Certification
  • Quality audits
  • Procurement support
  • Engineering and design

03. PV Power Plant Overhaul and Optimization

  • Analysis and evaluation of construction (security system; power plant monitoring; components used; power plant configuration and performance; etc.)
  • Realization of repowering concepts


04. Engineering & Design Services

  • Site visits
  • Yield assessment
  • Engineering and design
  • Preliminary planning
  • Full detailed construction design
  • EPC and O&M Technical Contract terms
  • Refurbishment projects / Repowering
  • Performance improving Upgrades
  • Security System Concepts


  • Permanent 24/7 Client access to a personal account on our website
  • Complete overview of PV plant performance
  • Independence from inverters and data loggers
  • Financial profit review
  • Personal manager support



The RODINA O&M team consists of more than 100 administrative-technical, operational-repair and security specialists. Our employees have all the necessary licenses and certificates, as well as practical knowledge and experience in the energy sector from 10 to 40 years, which allows them to quickly identify problems in the operation of a solar power plant, and eliminate them efficiently.

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