RODINA Energy Group – we are the engineering company providing best world renewable project practise combined with unique technical expertise of completed projects in the markets of Eastern Europe and CIS.


  • Construction of hybrid systems;
  • Projects of solar generation;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Co-generation.

We are a team of professionals in the field of renewable energy sources with practical experience in projects in the markets of Eastern Europe and the CIS, we have all the necessary licenses and certificates that confirm the technical expertise necessary for the successful implementation of projects.


Renewable Energy Consulting

We are consulting corporations, investors, local authorities, banks and other renewable energy industry stakeholders on successful execution of renewable projects in the markets of Eastern Europe and CIS. We deliver the technical and business consulting services supported by our experience and execution capabilities. We customise existing renewable technologies to our clients’ requirements, helping them to meet their near- and long-term objectives for renewable energy.

We help clients create value from renewable energy technologies and businesses by:

  • determining a realistic outlook for renewable energy technology performance, markets, competitors, and government roles
  • developing strategies for entering markets, attracting investors or partners, or exiting the business
  • implementing successful renewable energy projects
  • conducting technology and market due diligence

Our renewable energy solutions include:

01. Strategy

  • Market, geographic and partner prioritization
  • Business model development and analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Solar, Wind and Hybrid solutions market research reports and market analysis
  • Key relationship introductions

02. Planning

  • Business plan/technology due diligence
  • Incentive application support
  • Policy support and analysis

03. Implementation

  • Independent engineer support and red flag project review
  • Grid analysis and Feasibility Study
  • End-to-end procurement support

04. Operations

  • Solar and Wind generation performance benchmarking
  • Business planning
  • Asset optimization


Our engineering capabilities are confirmed by the successful references of our key team members and Partners. Fully certified and licensed engineering service guarantees the quality of our projects and its performance ratio.

Rodina Energy Group and its local subsidiaries posses all licenses and certificates needed for Engineering Service in the markets of CIS.

We deliver the following engineering service:

01. Solar

  • Technical Due Diligence and Independent Inspections
  • Projects Life-Cycle cost analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Basic Engineering and Detailed Design
  • Project and Construction Management Service
  • Commissioning

02. Wind

  • Due Diligence in the Wind Industry
  • Wind Measurement Equipment
  • Management of Wind Data
  • Micro-Siting
  • Wind & Production Predictions
  • Project Development
  • Budget and Final Feasibility Study
  • Project Time Planning
  • Technical Back-Up
  • Project Proposals
  • Infrastructure Analysis

Hybrid Solutions

Integrating Solar and Wind Power generation into fossil-fueled power generation systems has huge potential in the emerging markets of CIS. The Old-Soviet type energy grid characterized with limited access at remote areas and high degree of deterioration creates unique market opportunity for Hybrid Solutions, including Solar-Diesel and Wind-Diesel solutions.

03. In collaboration with our partners we provide the following service:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Components selection and procurement
  • Basic Engineering and Detailed Design
  • Project and Construction Management Service, Commissioning
  • O & M service

Rodina Energy Group and its local subsidiaries posses all licenses and certificates needed for Engineering Service in the markets of CIS


The quality of procurement and logistic are both key success factors in renewable project execution, especially in emerging markets of Eastern Europe and CIS.

Our long-term relations with major renewable technologies producers combined with unique logistics experience of our team secures transparent and on-time supply-chain management for our projects, and brings valuable save on cost to our Customers


Construction of large-scale power plants in the markets of Eastern Europe and CIS is always a challenge: extreme weather conditions, limited technical capabilities of the local labor force, and extreme logistic environment affects on-time and fixed-cost construction.

We are at RODINA Energy Group posses proven Project and Construction Management expertise need for successful project execution in the markets of Eastern Europe and CIS. Our experience enables us to secure our Clients from usual construction risks during execution of renewable projects, and react accordingly on fast changing project execution environment due to the local specific.

We care our responsibility based on «COST – PLUS – FEE» business model, what brings to our Clients transparent EPC – cost supported by on-time project execution.

We are executing renewable projects in accordance to all local requirements and construction standards in the CIS countries, and we keep the warranty on all of our projects. We are after the Performance Ratio of projects executed.

Operation & Maintenance

Effective Performance Ration directly affects the return on investment from renewable projects. We provide to our clients a complete O&M service to maximize the performance ratio of their power assets, and provide the guidance on its optimization and profit maximization, while minimizing costs and risk.

01. Monitoring of the Power Plant:

  • Remote monitoring of plant operating data
  • Monthly reports delivery
  • Power Plant operation optimization

02. Operational management:

  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting
  • Certified technical availability
  • Warrantee and Claim Management
  • Local staff training, development and management

Training services

Renewable industry in the markets of CIS needs more professionals, and we offer wide range of training courses (EPCM and O&M) designed to our clients’ particular needs, customised to regional aspects of projects execution.

Out training programs are based on experience gained during execution of renewable projects, and supported by case studies.

We offer training facilities in Germany, Denmark and Ukraine, and we also can provide «in-house» training, which can be held at our clients’location.

If you are interested in our training service, please submit your requests to: training@rodinaeg.com


Yevgen Variagin
CEO and Founder of RODINA Energy Group

Yevgen Variagin, founder and Chief Executive Officer of RODINA, started his career in 1996 and has been in the solar industry since 2011. Under his management more than 1.4 GWp of PV projects were executed in CIS, amongst them some of the largest PV installation in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Yevgen established RODINA in 2013 for the development and execution of renewable energy projects with a focus on CIS, CEE, Central Asia and the MENA region, and co-founded the Solar Consortium RODINA-ENERPARC AG.

Heorhii Narsiia
Сhief Technology Officer

Within two years, Georgiy was a project and construction manager in a large European company and during this period completed construction of six photovoltaic power plants with total capacity of 29.1 MWp, located in Ukraine. Also Georgiy has experience in construction of large-scale national projects. In year of 2012 he was responsible for coastal protection of the construction of Container Terminal in Odessa Seaport.
Georgiy is holder of a master’s degree of Hydro Technical Engineering and passed a course of «Competitive Strategy» at Ludvig–Maximillian Munich University in Munich as well as a course of «Chief Project Management» of Columbia University of California, Irvine.

Michael Oberdorfer
Chief Strategy Officer

Michael is a renewable energy & tech start-up entrepreneur with deep knowledge of the energy sector and the PV value chain. He started his career 30 years ago in international trade and banking and has more than 15 years of senior executive experience, including board level engagements, in PV project development, supply chain management, innovative technologies, and strategic business development.

Yaroslav Yarovyi
Chief Legal Officer
Li Donghai
Vice President / Global Supply Chain


RODINA is Registered Partner of ENERPARC AG in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, ex-USSR and MENA Region.

ENERPARC AG – is a German engineering company with offices in Hamburg, San Francisco and Bangalore, European leader providing in EPC expertise for Solar Projects. Since 2009 ENERPARC AG successfully constructed and commissioned > 1.8 GWp of Solar Power Plants and is largest European IPP (Independent Power Producer) owning > 1.2 GWp in the EU, US and Asia.

ENERPARC AG has completed > 310 MWp of Solar Power Plants in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan , Russia, Armenia and Turkey, 230 MWp from which as part of Solar Consortium RODINA — ENERPARC AG since 2013.

Starting 2015 RODINA — ENERPARC AG has started bringing investments into PV markets of Eastern Europe and ex-USSR.

One of Our goal is – development and implementation of Renewable Energy projects in the territory of Chernobyl Zone.

In the mid of 2015 года Consortium has launched the project «SOLAR CHERNOBYL», and in January 2018 RODINA — ENERPARC AG completed construction of the 1st pilot of 1 MWp PV Power Plant named «SOLAR CHERNOBYL – 1».

We would like to bring back the Chernobyl Zone to people by executing there transparent Renewable Energy Business, and make a world a bit cleaner and better.